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(sideways self portrait w/ arms raised in joy)

I held my first pencil in an old house with five grandmas and a magical

garden where stray cats sunned themselves with the laundry,

and mischievous dwarves came out to play

at the stroke of 6 in the evening. 


There, my imagination and love for drawing began and steadily grew

with the sweet bat-bitten guavas, star apples,

and fragrant tropical flowers and plants. 

Many years later, animals and plants are still the stars of my work!

thank you for visiting

I hope my drawings bring you as much joy I get in creating them. 




My illustrations can be found

in news articles,

in an iphone/ipad game,

in a language instructional book,

and in homes and offices on planet earth

 #toniricaart for works in progress


* All rights reserved 2019, Year of the Land Oinker *

Boulder, CO 

toni rica art


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